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Holistic Beauty

( Rebranding )


The Nature of Identity


Hunter Wimmer


Spring 2022

Pond's New
Brand Mission


In this project, we identified a dying or defunct brand and redesigned a new strategic plan while staying true to the brand’s soul. The process entailed researching the brand’s past and mission and creating a new identity and a future direction for the brand.


Pond’s is an American beauty, health, and beauty care brand with a unique heritage of innovating skincare breakthroughs. The brand’s soul is its holistic approach to helping people live healthier lives, while the brand strategy reflects only part of the brand soul. I decided to evolve the brand beyond skincare products and introduce self-awareness products and services to create a balanced and confident lifestyle so that Pond’s customers can glow inside and out at all times.

We bring out the beauty and confidence of women with the best science, nature, and technology.
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POND'S Rebranding_Presentation.018.jpeg
Pons logo for website (process.png
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Visual Strategy Guide

( Book One )

This is the first step of our rebranding process. Brand research assists explicitly in recreating and curating solid and distinctive brands that help achieve competitive advantage.

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00_Portfolio Book_Ponds_(B&W background for website)7_edited.jpg

Visual Development Guide

( Book Two )

The second book documents the visual development process of our new logo.

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00_Portfolio Book_Ponds_(B&W background for website)9_edited.jpg

Visual Standards Guide

( Book Three )

The third book is the manual for our brand's visual identity, the complete system which governs the composition, design, and general look-and-feel of our brand.

00_Portfolio Book_Ponds_(B&W background for website)10.jpg
00_Portfolio Book_Ponds_(B&W background for website)11_edited.jpg
00_Portfolio Book_Ponds_(B&W background for website)12.jpg

Your Holistic Beauty

Pond's New Website

( Student Project )

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